Snoopy World

Being a 90’s generations, knowing Snoopy is a must. My little brother, even a boy, he had big snoopy doll and one of our favorite shirts were Snoopy as well. But nowadays, maybe only few people know Snoopy as it’s not as popular as before.

In Hong Kong, we can make nostalgia with this cute dog at Snoopy World, a free admission small theme park located in the New Territories area on top of the New Town Plaza phase I shopping mall in Sha Tin. Follow directions to level 3 to the outside area and you will find Snoopy House, Bus, Peanuts Academy, Canoe Ride, Peanuts Dugout, Peanuts Boulevard and much more, including kids playground area. Besides taking photos, we can step into the bus and take a ride of Canoe. My 3yo kid, Caca, again and again asked us to step into the bus hahaa, but unfortunately we didn’t take a Canoe ride due to the very long queue.

One thing, New Town Plaza is very very very crowded when weekend period, so please prepare yourself to face the crowd.
Operational hour : 11am – 7pm


— That’s information about Snoopy World and its exciting story, may be useful —
Happy holiday 🙂

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