Picnic at Hong Kong Velodrome Park

Summer has gone, Autumn has been coming. Nowadays, many people go out for picnic, for playing with their family including us. As we’ve tried to picnic at Tamar Park before, we seek another Park which more enjoyable and more convenient. For information, you can see all profiles, photos as well as information needed in website of Leisure and Cultural Services Department HK.

HK Velodrome Park, a 5.3ha park located at 105-107 Po Hong Road, Tseung Kwan O. To reach there you can take MTR to Hang Hau Station (exit B) or Tseung Kwan O Station (exit A). It takes about 10 minutes (700m) by walk from Hang Hau Station.

Surrounded by sports arena i.e Tseung Kwan O sports ground, Velodrome, skate park, and jogging track, as well as its facilities including model boat (R/C boat) pool, fitness corner for elderly, artificial lake, sport climbing wall, children playground, chess table, amphitheatre, and bike kiosk makes this park like a “one stop shopping” for outdoor weekend activity.

Just like the others, our main destination was central lawn.We had bought onigiri for lunch, and prepared snacks, as well as brought baby meal and mat.

Most people there brought tent for staying during their little kids playing in the lawn and playing bubbles is the most favorite. Caca, my 3yo kid, was very happy even she didn’t bring bubbles toy, but she chased bubbles in the air and popped them hahaa…
We allowed her running wherever she wants as we still can watch her. Then relaxing & having snacks, feeding 7mo baby (my little kid, Galih) as well as watching Caca playing were joyful moments.

After having fun in the central lawn, Caca saw a playground opposite the lawn. Of course as usual she asked to be allowed playing there. And………we had to spend another one hour in playground, waiting her until satisfied hahaa….
Anyway we were be grateful because Caca was more brave from time to time, having more interaction with her friends there.
One more thing, there is a handwashing water tap, one of the most important thing in playground. Not only for cleaning up as its purpose, but it also teach good habit to our kids to clean up after they’re finished playing.

Another attraction is bike rental. We can ride bike in the bike area or just following the track.



— That’s information about Hong Kong Velodrome Park and its exciting story, may be useful —
Happy holiday 🙂

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