Space Museum of Hong Kong

Another museum object in Hong Kong where we can bring our children to visit beside Science Museum.

Located in the complex of Hong Kong Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui, access to get there is so easy as well as it’s quite near from tourist shopping attraction such as Sogo, Harbour City, and many branded shops there.

Main attraction there are its exhibition halls and theaters. As one of learning center, ticket admission for museum here is very cheap, as follows:
– Exhibition hall: hkd 10, free for under 4yr
– Theater: hkd 24 or hkd 32, free for under 3yr

Yeaahh the admission is very cheap, but we have to come early especially for exhibition halls at the weekend as the visitors are limited per session (2hours) for good visiting experience I think. Maybe only 30-40 people per session…

Admission Session:
Monday : 1-3 pm, 3-5 pm, 5-7 pm, 7-9 pm
Tuesday : closed (except public holiday)
Wednesday : 1-3 pm, 3-5 pm, 5-7 pm, 7-9 pm
Thursday : 1-3 pm, 3-5 pm, 5-7 pm, 7-9 pm
Friday : 1-3 pm, 3-5 pm, 5-7 pm, 7-9 pm
Saturday : 10 am – 1 pm, 1-3 pm, 3-5 pm, 5-7 pm, 7-9 pm
Sunday : 10 am – 1 pm, 1-3 pm, 3-5 pm, 5-7 pm, 7-9 pm

We bought ticket at 11.30 for session 1pm-3pm, and we came out at around 2pm, the tickets for session until 5pm was already sold out.

Most of the exhibits in the exhibition halls, the “Hall of the Cosmos” and “Hall of Space Exploration” are interactive design where the simulations or explaining devices can be tried with our children.
The “Hall of the Cosmos” on G/F showcases anything about Earth and Universe where we are living in, stars, solar system, Milky Way and galaxies, and many else.
For you who believe Big Bang theory, you can watch the theater displaying the evolution of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present era.

The “Hall of Space Exploration” on 1/F showcases anything related space exploration and space technology.

My children (3yr & 1yr) were so curious trying devices there. Trying the “Aurora” that allows us to create an aurora on an Earth model by adjusting the strength of solar wind inside a vacuum tube or driving ourselves by turning a fixed steering wheel in “Action and Reaction” so we can understand the reaction principle in rocket propulsion were so fun. But honestly, it’s very heavy to turning the steering, then after taking photo we ended it hahahaa…..

Anyway, accessories shop can be found on G/F next to the information counter and it’s not difficult to find restaurant as there are 2 restaurant in the complex of Hong Kong Cultural Center.

— That’s information about HK Space Museum and its exciting story, may be useful —
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Picnic at Hong Kong Velodrome Park

Summer has gone, Autumn has been coming. Nowadays, many people go out for picnic, for playing with their family including us. As we’ve tried to picnic at Tamar Park before, we seek another Park which more enjoyable and more convenient. For information, you can see all profiles, photos as well as information needed in website of Leisure and Cultural Services Department HK.

HK Velodrome Park, a 5.3ha park located at 105-107 Po Hong Road, Tseung Kwan O. To reach there you can take MTR to Hang Hau Station (exit B) or Tseung Kwan O Station (exit A). It takes about 10 minutes (700m) by walk from Hang Hau Station.

Surrounded by sports arena i.e Tseung Kwan O sports ground, Velodrome, skate park, and jogging track, as well as its facilities including model boat (R/C boat) pool, fitness corner for elderly, artificial lake, sport climbing wall, children playground, chess table, amphitheatre, and bike kiosk makes this park like a “one stop shopping” for outdoor weekend activity.

Just like the others, our main destination was central lawn.We had bought onigiri for lunch, and prepared snacks, as well as brought baby meal and mat.

Most people there brought tent for staying during their little kids playing in the lawn and playing bubbles is the most favorite. Caca, my 3yo kid, was very happy even she didn’t bring bubbles toy, but she chased bubbles in the air and popped them hahaa…
We allowed her running wherever she wants as we still can watch her. Then relaxing & having snacks, feeding 7mo baby (my little kid, Galih) as well as watching Caca playing were joyful moments.

After having fun in the central lawn, Caca saw a playground opposite the lawn. Of course as usual she asked to be allowed playing there. And………we had to spend another one hour in playground, waiting her until satisfied hahaa….
Anyway we were be grateful because Caca was more brave from time to time, having more interaction with her friends there.
One more thing, there is a handwashing water tap, one of the most important thing in playground. Not only for cleaning up as its purpose, but it also teach good habit to our kids to clean up after they’re finished playing.

Another attraction is bike rental. We can ride bike in the bike area or just following the track.



— That’s information about Hong Kong Velodrome Park and its exciting story, may be useful —
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Inspiration Lake HK, a picnic site to spend a whole day in winter

Located around 1km from the famous theme park Disneyland Hong Kong, Inspiration Lake can be reached by 15 minutes walking or by taking bus (R8) from Disneyland station. Just go to the bus depot, turning left from the MTR exit Disneyland station and take R8 bus.

Managed under Disneyland HK (by Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd which is an incorporated company jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company and the Government of Hong Kong), it shows us how to manage a beautiful public park without admission fee.

The main attraction there is lake itself. In winter, for enjoying this 12ha lake, most people bring their little family to stay in tent or have a picnic there including us hehehe. I brought my little family, wife and 2 children (Caca 3yo & Galih 8mo). After reading a brief information about Inspiration Lake, we prepared everything excluding lunch because we thought that buying there will be more effective. No need to bring much food from home. So we just brought some snacks (onigiri). After getting there, we only saw 711 store and no other restaurant or food stall. Then I just bought some drinks because queue was so long specially for the microwave…..
So happy when playing bubbles and football with Caca, she urged to finish her lunch so that she can play bubbles hahaa…My little boy, Galih, was so happy when watching Caca playing there.

Pedal boat can be rented for around hkd100/hour during 10am-5pm. Don’t worry you will tan or get sunburnt because all day suppose cloudy.
You can also go around this 30ha site by following 1,500m jogging trail or pedaling the surrey bike which can be rented for hkd100-120/hour depends on the seat capacity.

Sources: picture 1 :

I suggest you to rent pedal boat and/or surrey bike as soon as possible when getting there, if possible before lunch time, due to limited stocks. Otherwise they are all rented out. As per my experience, after had lunch and picnic, we would like to rent pedal boat/surrey bike but they were all rented out.

Last, Caca played slide and swing in playground located next to main entrance.


— That’s information about Inspiration Lake and its exciting story, may be useful —
Happy holiday 🙂

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Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, museum yang memajang patung-patung lilin tokoh-tokoh bereputasi dari seluruh dunia. Madame Tussauds HK terletak di kawasan The Peak, di The Peak Tower lantai P1 persis di deket eskalator. Begitu masuk pertama kali ada stage patung Bruce Lee trus nanti kita bakal di foto sama kameramen sana, nanti kita boleh pilih mau ngeprint/engga foto yang tadi.

Disini ada beberapa pembagian kriteria:
Hong Kong Glamour
Fashion Zone
Historical & National Heroes
Yayoi Kusama Gallery
World Premiere
Kung Fu Zone
K-Wave Zone
The Champions
Music Icons
Animated World

Disini tempatnya ramah dengan stroller, kebetulan bgitu masuk si Caca udah ngantuk banget karena udah jamnya dia tidur dan gak lama terlelap lah dia. Jadi hampir seluruh perjalanan di Madame Tussauds ini kita bawa-bawa stroller. Hampir semua stage jalannya saling terhubung dengan landai (tanpa undakan tangga), nah untuk yang ada tangganya gausa kuatir karena ada liftnya.


Begitu masuk agak heran juga, karena ketemu cukup banyak turis dari Indo…apa karena emang lagi holiday season kali yaaa. Cirinya yang gampang keliatan selain dari bahasa obrolannya yaitu suka selfie dan rada egois waktu ambil foto. Kenapa egois, karena mereka (mungkin kita juga kaliii hehe) untuk satu spot foto (patung) itu bisa ambil lebih dari 5 gaya & posisi yang beda. Belom klo mesti gantian ambilin foto sama spousenya, belom sama temen-temen rombongan yang lain hmmmm….gak peduli yang antri di belakangnya udah rame dan nungguin lama.

Yang bikin bangga disini ada patung presiden pertama RI Soekarno diantara tokoh dunia seperti Queen Elisabeth, Barack Obama, Xi Jinping (presiden China), Albert Einstein, dll di stage Historical & National Heroes dan per Mei 2017 kemarin ini nambah 1 lagi tokoh Indonesia yaitu Presiden Joko Widodo. Bangga lah karena negara tetangga Malaysia, Singapore atau Thailand gada tokoh yang dipajang.
Untuk Barrack Obama, dibuat stage foto dengan tema ruang kerjanya dan ada fotografernya. Tapi gw gak foto disini karena ya itu tadi males ngantri karena banyak yang foto banyak gaya hehehe.


Selain itu ada juga pengusaha Hong Kong tersukses Li Ka Shing.


Di stage World Premiere ada pemenang Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (Girl, Interrupted, 2000) Angelina Jolie, pemenang Golden Globe for Best Actress for Some Like It Hot (1959) Marilyn Monroe, selain itu ada Johnny Depp, Audrey Hepburn, dan Amitabh Bachan di stage World Premiere.

Di stage The Champions ada superstar NBA peraih 2 cincin juara dan 2 kali gelar MVP yang memperkuat Golden State Warriors yaitu Stephen Curry, bintang NBA China Yao Ming, jagoan free-kick David Beckham, dan legenda tinju AS Muhammad Ali.


Gak ketinggalan legenda Kung Fu Hong Kong Jackie Chan dan Bruce Lee di stage Kung Fu Zone.


Tokoh-tokoh lain ada The Beattles, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga di stage Music Icons.


Waktu itu kita kelewatan stage Animated World karena pake lift, kayaknya klo kesana harus pake tangga.

At the end, lumayan capek juga keliling dsana.

— Sekian info tentang Madame Tussauds HK dan keseruannya, semoga bermanfaat —
Selamat liburan pewe 🙂

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