Inspiration Lake HK, a picnic site to spend a whole day in winter

Located around 1km from the famous theme park Disneyland Hong Kong, Inspiration Lake can be reached by 15 minutes walking or by taking bus (R8) from Disneyland station. Just go to the bus depot, turning left from the MTR exit Disneyland station and take R8 bus.

Managed under Disneyland HK (by Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd which is an incorporated company jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company and the Government of Hong Kong), it shows us how to manage a beautiful public park without admission fee.

The main attraction there is lake itself. In winter, for enjoying this 12ha lake, most people bring their little family to stay in tent or have a picnic there including us hehehe. I brought my little family, wife and 2 children (Caca 3yo & Galih 8mo). After reading a brief information about Inspiration Lake, we prepared everything excluding lunch because we thought that buying there will be more effective. No need to bring much food from home. So we just brought some snacks (onigiri). After getting there, we only saw 711 store and no other restaurant or food stall. Then I just bought some drinks because queue was so long specially for the microwave…..
So happy when playing bubbles and football with Caca, she urged to finish her lunch so that she can play bubbles hahaa…My little boy, Galih, was so happy when watching Caca playing there.

Pedal boat can be rented for around hkd100/hour during 10am-5pm. Don’t worry you will tan or get sunburnt because all day suppose cloudy.
You can also go around this 30ha site by following 1,500m jogging trail or pedaling the surrey bike which can be rented for hkd100-120/hour depends on the seat capacity.

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I suggest you to rent pedal boat and/or surrey bike as soon as possible when getting there, if possible before lunch time, due to limited stocks. Otherwise they are all rented out. As per my experience, after had lunch and picnic, we would like to rent pedal boat/surrey bike but they were all rented out.

Last, Caca played slide and swing in playground located next to main entrance.


— That’s information about Inspiration Lake and its exciting story, may be useful —
Happy holiday 🙂

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